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      Feature:Carved and extended
      Certificate:CPNP, MSDS, SGS ,CE
      MOQ: 1kg

    How to use:

    1. Shape the nail and put on the paper form

    2. Polish nail surface and clean the cuticle

    3. Apply acrylic liquid with the brush

    4. Apply acrylic powder,Lightly put the powder on the nail

    5. Shape the acrylic nail

    6. Remove the paper form after the acrylic nail dry

    7. Polishing the nail shape and surface

    8. Apply a layer of your favorite color coat
     as a base color, then UV light-cured for 60’’(LED for 30’’). You could also repeat it again if the color is not so strong


    9. Finally apply a layer of the RNK non-wiped top coat, UV light-cured for 60’’(LED for 30’’), done

    10.You can also use our colorful acrylic dipping powder for carving



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