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      Color:12 colors
      Volume:15 ml
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      Feature:High quality,Easy application
      Certificate:CPNP, MSDS, SGS ,CE
      MOQ: 100 Pieces(Each color for 3 pieces)

    How to use:


    1.Shape the nail. Lightly buff the surface of the nail plate.Sanitize.

    2.Apply a thin coat of foundation.Cap free edge.Cure:10 seconds in LED lamp.

    3.Apply a thin coat of Gel Poilsh color of chioce.Cap free edge.Cure: 30 seconds in LED lamp repeat once for darker colors.

    4.Apply a thin coat of top it off. Cap free edge.Cure:30 seconds in LED lamp.

    5.Remove tacky residue with Nail Surface Cleanse and lint-free nail wipe.

    6.Massage Nourish Cuticle Oil into skin surrounding nail plate.

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